Quality Rated Day Cares

Georgia’s Quality Rated system was designed so that any parent selecting a program participating in Quality Rated can feel confident that they are enrolling their child in a program that is committed to continuous quality improvement and higher quality standards. Stars are awarded based on a combination of points gathered from an independent observation and a portfolio that demonstrates that the program meets standards above and beyond what licensing requires. The number of stars simply reflects scores above certain levels. Based on the results of a rigorous application process, programs are awarded one star, two stars, or three stars. A star rating - regardless if it is one, two or three stars - indicates a higher quality program. Schoolzin Schoolzout has a two stars rating and the only facility that operates year round in Ringgold, GA.

The quality of care children receive in child care facilities matters. Research studies clearly support a connection between early care and education program quality and child outcomes that promote school readiness (Vandell, 2004). In one study, The Cost, Quality, and Outcomes Study, young children who attended higher quality early care and education programs had better language development, problem solving, and social skills. Most importantly, the positive effects of a quality early care and education experience continued through kindergarten into the second grade. Ongoing research supports that better program quality is associated with better outcomes for children. The goal of Quality Rated is to increase the number of and access to high quality early education and school‐age care programs for Georgia’s children and thereby better prepare them for success in school.

Children who receive high quality early education are more likely to graduate high school, attend college and are better equipped for the workforce. The first step to ensuring we have a highly skilled workforce to compete in the global economy is improving early education. The foundation of skills needed in school and the workforce is built during a child's first five years.

More information: (Click here to download) What Every Family Should Know About The Quality Rated Program

Source: Quality Rated.Org (www.qualityrated.org) For more information, click here to visit the website.

Quality Rated Child Care

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