GELDS (Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards) are intended to be used to guide teachers, parents, and all practitioners in the intentional integration of skills and concepts children need to make progress in all learning areas.


Gelds have several purposes:

Provide a quality learning experience for children from birth to five years of age.

To provide parents in supporting their children's growth, development and learning potential.

To create a universal language for parents, teachers, pediatricians, etc. with regard to the learning and development of children.

To raise public awareness about the significance of the early years as the foundation for school success and lifelong learning.
- To support the early identification and referral of children with special learning needs.
The Gelds standards and indicators are arranged in five age groupings but they are not rigid. Children learn at develop at different rates. With Gelds teachers can individualize learning activities.

Children are served best when their individuality is valued. Gelds are used to inform teachers and parents about what behaviors one might expect of young children as they develop. Gelds activities are individualized, allowing children to begin working on a skill at their current level and challenge them to move forward.

Young children learn through developmentally appropriate play and social interaction. Children develop the foundations for reading, writing and mathematics when they are "just playing". Children learn about relationships, both cognitive and social, by playing cooperatively and by working through disagreements together.

Gelds were developed using a wide variety of research based sources. Research tells us that children learn by actively exploring their environment. Learning activities that provide opportunities for children to move around and use their senses would be consistent with this research.

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