Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What type of training do the teachers at SchoolzIn SchoolzOut receive?
  All teachers are Child Development Accreditation (CDA) or higher. All leads are credentialed and receive 10+ hours of training annually.
2. What is the ratio of children to teachers?
  The ratio of children to teachers is less than the maximum for all classes.
3. What does a 2 Star Quality Rating Mean?
  The number of stars simply reflects scores above certain levels. Based on the results of a rigorous application process, programs, are awarded one star, two stars, or three stars. A star rating - regardless if it is a one, two or three stars - indicates a higher quality program.
4. What is GELDS?
  GELDS (Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards) are intended to be used to guide teachers, parents, and all practitioners in the intentional integration of skills and concepts children need to make progress in all learning areas.
5. Why is GELDS teaching guide important for children?
  Gelds provide a quality learning experience for children from birth to five years of age. Gelds activities are individualized, allowing children to begin working on a skill at their current level and challenge them to move forward. Young children learn through developmentally appropriate play and social interaction. Children develop the foundations for reading, writing and mathematics when they are "just playing". Children learn about relationships, both cognitive and social, by playing cooperatively and by working through disagreements together.
6. Does Schoolzin Schoolzout provide transportation for school children?
  Schoolzin Schoolzout offers transportation for after school care from Ringgold Primary and Elementary, Graysville Elementary, Battlefield Primary and Elementary and Boynton Elementary. We also provide transportation on field trips for the school age children during the summer break. We provide age appropriate booster seats for children that require them. The center does not transport children under the age of 4.
7. How young can I bring my child to the learning center?
  4 weeks old.
8. Can a teacher administer medication to my child?
  With the parents consent and a medication schedule, yes our teachers can administer medication. In addition, many of our teachers are licensed to administer insulin, should your child have a prescription and insulin medication plan.
9. When can I visit the daycare?
  Anytime. You do not need to make an appointment to visit our facility. Portions of the day are very hectic, therefore, if you want to minimize the amount of interruptions with your visit with the staff/teachers you may want to call for the best times to visit.
10. Do I need to provide my child's food?

Schoolzin Schoolzout provides meals meet the USDA dietary standards. We provide good nutritional meals. Our menus are varied to encourage children to try all foods. Our monthly menus are posted on twitter each month.

We provide a daily breakfast for children that arrive before 7:55am, as well as a well-balanced lunch and afternoon snack. We honor and take extra caution for a child with food allergies. If a child is allergic to a particular food, that food is not allowed in the room with the child. We go the extra mile to ensure your child is not exposed to foods that could harm them. 


7528 Battlefield Parkway
Ringgold, GA 30736

Phone: (706) 935-4446