General Information

All class teachers are required to create weekly lesson plans (include infant class teachers) which are posted for parents to review.

Art Work

  All art work created by the children is what we call open ended or free art. The children are given supplies and can create what ever they wish. The teacher takes dictation from the child regarding the art created. No art work is prefabricated by teachers for the children to glue together or color inside the lines.

Introduction to Responsibility and Caring
All classrooms have something living to take care of/be responsible for it's survival. Infants and Toddlers have plants to care for, while children 2 years old and older have Guinea Pigs.


  We care for children as early as 6 weeks old. Our infants class consist of babies from 6 weeks old to1 year old - children who are not walking. The center provides baby food, cereal, and formula. We only provide one type of ready-made formula and it changes based on the majority of the children in the class. Please call to inquire which formula we currently supply.

A daily report is sent home with each infant. The report gives the parent a snapshot of your babies's day.

Schoolzin Schoolzout strives to provide the best care for your infant and therefore we have implemented a 1 to 4 ratio of caregivers to infants. The state of Georgia has established a legal ratio of 1 to 6. We feel the states ratio is too high and does not allow us to provide the care your child deserves.

Curriculum for our infants is centered on reaching developmental milestones, such as rolling over, sitting up and crawling. Caregivers work with them individually and as a group (i.e. songs, finger plays, reading aloud to them).


  The ratio for the toddler classes is one caregiver to 6 one year olds. State guidelines are 1 to 8. Curriculum for our toddlers places emphasis on gross motor and language development. Toddlers do what is called free art to develop the fine motor skills and the curriculum focuses on language development with picture cards, songs, and finger plays.

Two Year Olds

  The ratio of caregivers to two year old children is 1 to 8. State guidelines are 1to 10. The group size is lower to allow for more one on one interaction with teachers. Curriculum for our toddlers places emphasis on large muscle, motor and language development.

Three Year Olds

  The children in this group have a more structured schedule than the younger children. The learning is more complex. Each day's schedule is packed with activities centered on the unit theme and includes a morning group activity, a Bible focus time, and a small group activity. The activities meet learning objectives that help children move toward their potential as they explore the materials and activities in the classroom.
Three year olds are taught Core Knowledge Curriculum.

The ratio of caregivers to three year old children is 1 to13. State guidelines are 1 to 15. In our three year old classes we place emphasis on learning activities that enhance basic core skills that will prepare them for Pre-K. We emphasize activities that promote independence.

Georgia Lottery Funded Pre-K

  We teach Core Knowledge Curriculum, which uses the core skills the children have learned and builds on that basic foundation. Our teaching touches on fine arts, social studies, and other core courses. In addition, there is a computer in the classroom for the children to learn some basic computer skills. We constantly challenge the children and place no ceiling on the learning levels. Our goal is to prepare the child for the kindergarten environment, both socially and educationally.
At the end of the Pre-K period, our children are prepared to take the kindergarten entrance exam. We have prepared some exceptional children. One child when tested for kindergarten tested on the 7th grade level for language comprehension.

After School Care


Children have a designated homework time after school. The maximum number of children in the after school program is 17 and consist of children in kindergarten to the 5th grade.

We assist the children with their homework in an effort for them to complete their assignments before they go home, allowing them to have more family time.

Summer Program for Older Children


Our summer school program is for children up to 12 years of age. We have multiple activities for the children. Each day we have a theme and periodically have field trips.

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