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Premier Beauty Supply has an extensive line of human and synthetic hair wigs, weave, and braids. Our wigs start as low as $9.99.

Our 100% human hair wigs and weave can be curled, styled with a blow dryer and but into a style by a professional.

If you are unsure as to what to purchase, human hair has the most natural look and feel. It is soft, shiny and with the proper care it can last for years.

If quality is your only concern when buying wigs, weaves and extensions, then human hair is what you want. However; human hair generally requires the most maintenance. For most human hair products, daily styling is preferable and human hair doesn't come ready to wear. You may want to have it styled by a professional to obtain a look you want.

Synthetic hair has evolved over the years and it can be difficult to pick a human hair piece from a synthetic hair piece. One of the great things about synthetic hair is it can often be worn right out of the box, it has a set wave and curl pattern which lets hair bounce back into place with minimal effort. However, because it has a set wave, it cannot be styled to look many different ways like human hair. Only special heat friendly synthetic hair can be styled with heat. You can expect synthetic hair pieces to last about 4-6 months; and heat friendly synthetic hair generally last less time than that.