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Challenge Me!

Neal's Shoe Repair

Johnnie Neal has over 30 years experience and is not just a repair man. He is a craftsman. He takes pride and puts a lot of love into his work. He can make a shoe look almost new, but without the break in time. Johnnie's skills are not limited to shoes. He works on saddles, baseball gloves, purses, briefcases, luggage, tents and anything leather. Before tossing your favorite leather product, bring it in and challenge Johnnie to restore it.

Services include, but are not limited to anything leather such as:
- Shoe repair
       - soles, heels, taps, zippers, buckles, etc.
- Dance Shoes
- Purses
- Jackets
- Baseball gloves
- Suitcases
- Saddles and other horse riding gear
- Motorcycle accessories
- Gun cases
- Knife cases
- Patches on jackets and jeans
- Build up shoe soles and other orthopedic work


What do our customers say?
"Better soles than stride rite and went above and beyond our expectations. Did an awesome job and would highly recommend then to everyone."
                                                          Cari Smith

"Sure is good to have my boots back. They look swell. No more rocks in them."
                                                          Glen Reece

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