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Inferno Physique Fitness

Team Cover GIRL - Dedicated to Motivating You to Achieve Your Fitness Goals


You have taken the first step in transforming your physique and creating a healthier you. The goal is to achieve maximum results while balancing your ambition with the quality of life that you desire. Then energetically, enthusiastically make it happen. This means accepting responsibility for your health, your diet, your fitness level and wellness.

Body Building/Figure/Fitness is quite an amazing hobby. Where else can you get all dolled up in gorgeous makeup, wear beautifully stoned posing suits, be tanned, glowing and have a body fat percentage in the single digits.

With my positive attitude and upbeat personality, I encourage and motivate clients to take the limits off and be the best they can be. I educate clients with a hands on approach and wellness coaching model to ensure each individual success with a "NO Excuse" policy.

Gail Meadows

About Me


I think the most amazing thing about me now is that I feel more energetic and passionate than I did when I was in my 20's. It was very hard for me to believe in myself because I could not handle failure. Now I believe that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to. I intent to continue to compete as long as my mind chooses to cooperate with my body.

I participated in Track and field. Of course that was many many years ago. But I ran the 110 yard hurdles and held the State record for many years. And, if my memory does not fail me. I ranked nationally in the top 10 high school girls. That was in the 70's. I also, was on the 440 yard relay team that held the State record for years. READ MORE . . . . .