About East Third Street Church of Christ

Our History

Beginning in the spring of 1945, a Gospel Tent meeting was sponsored by the congregation of the Nineteenth and Williams Street Church of Christ. This tent meeting was held on the East Side of Chattanooga, Tennessee at the corner of Orchard Knob and Avenue and Blackford Street.

The meeting was held under the leadership of Ministers Alonzo Jones, and Claude Caperton, with Elders Carnell Hayes, Shirley Brinkley, Sr. and Fred Christopher and Deacons James Adams, Thomas Gary, Will Gwyn, Luther Wright, Sr. and Robert Strickland present.

The meeting was conducted by the great pioneer Evangelist, Brother David Shows of Washington, D.C. The response from the Gospel meeting indicated a great need for a permanent place of worship in the area. This place of worship would accommodate the Fort wood, Bush town, Churchville and Rosstown communities, as well as those Saints traveling by bus from the Nineteenth and Williams Street congregation to worship.

Our initial building was completed by talented men to include Brothers Camell Hayes, John Ricks, Elmer Thomas,Sr., Shirley Brinkley, Willie Shurley, Will Gwyn, Fred Christopher, Thomas Gary, James Adams, Phillip Cameron, Sr., Paris Howard, Robert Strickland, Luther Wright, Sr., Roy Milner, William McClesky and Robert (Bob) Hayes. These men had many skills including but not limited to carpentry, plumbing, electrical work and masonry. We must not forget someone who may have not mixed mortar, laid a brick or uses a hammer, but whose job was very important to the work. His job was to be sure the workers were never thirsty. Brother Carver D. Wright was "The Water Boy" and is still an active member of the East Third Street congregation. In addition, to the aforementioned, there were many volunteers working with this group to include of sons, nephews and many friends of the congregation.

This special project was a labor of love with the builders laboring freely.

With Brother Willie Shurly serving as Chairman of the Building fund, members of the congregation pledged their financial support needed for the cost of materials. Our first seats for the Church were theater seats.

The East Third Street Church of Christ congregation has been blessed with the leadership of seven (7) great Ministers:

Brother Claude L. Caperton 1945-1956
Brother Luther M. Jones 1956-1974
Brother Anderson Robinson (Interim Minister) 1956,1974 and 1980-1981
Brother George Harris 1978-1980
Brother Dennis Gamble 1981-1988
Brother Martel L. Davis 1988-2002
Brother John R. Taylor, Sr. 2002-

The Brothers and Sisters of this congregation are descriptive of a happy God-fearing family working together for a common cause. We are the East Third Street Church of Christ.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a positive, encouraging and Christian example to all people and to lead them to Christ through obedience, bibical teaching, service and outreach. As a unified body, we strive to:

- Maintain a God centered environment.
- Support obedience, service, and outreach.
- Promote the study of the Word of God.
- Lead by example with Christian principles.