About DM Weddings & Events

“Let me just pause a minute and drink in this moment. And if you film it, I’ll be able to get free refills for life.” ― Jarod Kintz

About David Moore of DM Weddings & Events

I've been a professional videographer for over 30 years. This is not a hobby for me; this is what I do. I've been a videographer since 1981 and am an award winning videographer. I am the chief videographer at WDEF TV in Chattanooga and supervise videographers and editors. This is what separates me from other videographers. I use professional three chip video cameras; nothing but the best with wireless Sennheiser and Electrovoice microphones. I use up to five cameras at no additional charge.

As a news videographer we have to work well with other videographers and photographers at various events. I carry this expertise with me when videotaping for you.


I have videotaped over 500 weddings in different venues both indoors to outdoors. It doesn't matter because I am a professional videographer

Not only am I a wedding videographer but I'm also an event videographer. I can record church services, funerals, commercials, corporate videos, and anything you can imagine. I can also transfer your old videotape to DVD.

When you want to capture your important moments and make some great memories in video. I will do it right the first time, at a reasonable price, provide quality work and in a timely manner. None of my work is outsourced, from videotaping and editing to designing the DVD; I do it all. Depending on the video assignment, I’ll have your video in two (2) to eight (8) weeks.

To request my services, you can call me at 423-320-8139 or send me an email from the contact us page. Your special day is very important to me.

When you want to capture those important moments and get it right the first time - contact me, David Moore of DM Weddings & Events.